Bachelor Programs

  • “Bachelor Program “Information Technology in Industry”
  • “Bachelor Program “Information Technology in Transport” (in English)
  • “Bachelor Program “Computer Science and Engineering”

The bachelor’s program “Information Technology in Industry” aims preparation of wide-profile engineers with in-depth computer qualification and orientation to modern industrial information systems and computer technologies and their application in various industrial fields and applications.

Why choose this specialty?

Information technologies are widely used in industry and manufacturing technologies. That is why there is a need for specialists, who have in-depth knowledge in the field of information technologies, methods, means and technologies for design and development of software products as well as methods and tools for information flow processing. However, they also need to be able to integrate this knowledge in advanced manufacturing processes and technologies, to be familiar with technological capabilities of modern manufacturing machinery and equipment, tools and technologies of three-dimensional engineering modelling, methods and tools of virtual engineering as well as industrial and computer networks and communications.

What are the entry requirements?

Eligible to apply for this course are Bulgarian citisens and citisens of European Uninon as well as European Economic Area member countries, who hold a secondary education diploma. The application process includes submission of the required documents followed by student ranking for the different course programs. In order to apply, students should have successfully completed admissions exam and/or the matriculation exams in the subjects required for the specific program.

What do you study?

Basic theoretical training of students enrolled in the specialty is carrid out during the first three semestes. During that time the students obtain fundamental knowledge in the fields of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Fundamentals of Engineering Design, Material Science, Materials Technology, Theory of Electrical Engineering and Measurements, Mechanical Engineering, Semiconductor Devices, Foreign Languages. The specialized training includes academic courses in the field of theoretical basics of information and computer technologies as well as methods and tools for information flows processing and their integration in manufacturing processes and technologies. Educational profiling includes completing various optional subjects, differentiated in modules, which gives the students opportunity to design their studies in concordance with their interests and prespectives.

Opportunities for student mobility

The Faculty of Computer System and Control (FCSC) has extensive international contacts with several European universities. The students enrolled in majors in FCSC are involved in student mobility based on bilateral Erasmus agreements with partners from England, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, the Netherlands, Malta. There are numerous international and national research projects involving teachers, students and students from FCSC.

My realization

Students, who successfully graduate from this specialty, would be able to work as information managers, system administrators, developers of industrial software producst and services, developers of industrial networks and communications in small, mеdium-sized and large enterpises in all industry areas, such as: enterprises in the machine production; engineering companies in the field of industrial automation and in-plant logistics; companies that create and develope new industrial information systems; companies that create and develope industrial communication systems and networks; consulting companies and firms; companies specialized in the implementaion of information technologies, PDE, PLM and ERP systems as well as in state and corporative administration.