Candidate students

Prior to the beginning of their regular course of training, the success ful foreign students attend a ten-month preparatory and specia lized courses in Bulgarian and English languages. Du ring the second semester of their foundation-year preparatory training students receive training in some basic disciplines (Mathematics, Physics and Informatics) and sit exams in each of them. This facilitates the faster adaptation of foreign students to the conditions of training at the Technical University of Sofia. The students who have completed their preparatory course successfully receive certificates.

Applicants who have some level of proficiency in Bulgarian, English, French or German, sit exams in the respective language. Those who pass the language exams successfully enrol in their first year of study in their chosen speciality without any other admission examinations. Upon completing a four-year full-time degree course, students receive a Bachelor’s diploma, apart from the five-year course in Electrical Engineering at the French Department of Electrical Engineering, which leads to a Master of Engineering Diploma.
A Master’s degree course lasts for a year and a half after obtaining the Bachelor’s degree. Following the successful completion of the full course of trai ning, the Technical University of Sofia issues a Bachelor’s or a Master’s diploma with supplements indicating the seminar and lecture hours for each of the disciplines of study and the grades received. The Technical University of Sofia offers training for Bachelor degree of graduates of two-year course of study at other Universities, which is recognized at the Technical University of Sofia. The training is conducted in Bulgarian or in English.